We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience
Teilhard de Chardin – French geologist, Jesuit priest, philosopher, mystic (1881-1955)


Angela is an established writer and writing guide who returned to the UK in 2013 after 26 years in Japan.

Freelance since 1973, she worked in London as the editor, managing editor, consultant editor, consultant managing editor, development managing editor and book packager of numerous magazines, partworks and book titles.

After moving to Japan in 1986, she transitioned from editing other peoples’ words to reporting and creating her own. Though writing on subjects as varied as gold markets and menopause, she concentrated mainly on travel and people.

Since March 11, 2011 she has mostly directed her writing towards activism, recovery, letting go and moving forward. She continues to help others change and improve their own lives via the therapeutic creative writing programme Drawing on the Writer Within.


DRAWING ON THE WRITER WITHIN (DOTWW) began life in Tokyo in 2004 as experimental drop-in writing classes at RBR (Right Brain Research Center for Creative Arts). Incorporating Proprioceptive Writing (PW) the work rapidly developed into a transformational 8-week course, INITIATION, leading to three more: EXPLORATION, AFFIRMATION, CONFIRMATION.

The right-brain approach taps creativity and thinking outside the restrictive box of logic and rationale. It helps individuals of all ages and backgrounds resolve whatever holds them back from remembering who they are and what they were born to be and do.

Angela organises and facilitates classes, courses, workshops and retreats; she also offers her services as a writing guide on request.  In the main, however, she is concentrated on her writing, drawing on her own writer within.

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